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Reflections on commissioning health care for culturally diverse populations

The conference has just finished and I've come away with lots to follow up on. I'm struck that there is more acknowledgement here that because of past experiences and history, some groups of BME people will be less likely to trust health professionals…

15 March 2013
First impressions - Lynne Carter's view of Quality health care for culturally diverse populations

After my first day at the conference I’m struck by the similarities with the challenges we face whether in the UK or the USA. During my presentation I felt at times like I was speaking a foreign language, especially when I was explaining what a PCT does and what commissioning is!

14 March 2013
Commissioning healthcare for multi-ethnic populations

On 12 March Lynne will be making a presentation about this project at the Eighth National Conference on Quality health care for culturally diverse populations in Oakland, California. In addition to describing the main findings and introducing some of the tools Lynne shall talk about how much she has learnt as co-researcher.

07 March 2013

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