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Equipping you to make the right decisions

Our innovative use of health informatics and predictive modelling capabilities will help you make the right decisions by analysing, interpreting and presenting information to suit your needs. Our trusted experts help you improve performance, deliver efficiency gains and plan for the future.

Our areas of expertise

Contract monitoring and annual contract planning/negotiation analytical support:

Performance management analytical support

Strategic planning, service improvement and transformation analytical support

Medicines management analytical support

Benchmarking/comparative analysis

Geographical presentation of data

Data processing

Data hosting/management

Compliance/statutory returns

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How we help

We created a comprehensive IT solution to help NHS Wakefield District tackle complex health issues more efficiently. The business intelligence solution has now been adapted to CCG requirements. 

The solution involved pulling together, analysing and reporting on operational data. Commissioners were able to urgently profile weekly trends in A&E attendances, for example, formulating comprehensive reports in the space of an afternoon, instead of several days.

Reports that would have taken days to produce are now processed in less than an hour, generating significant time savings.

West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit

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