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Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the UK. Data showed that almost half of people with lung cancer in a large city were diagnosed at the later stage of the disease.  The local NHS wanted to diagnose people with lung cancer at an early stage of the disease so their treatment is more successful. 

Our  team worked closely with clinicians, commissioners and service providers to develop and deliver a successful social marketing approach with the involvement of former lung cancer patients  and members of the target population.  A combination of advertising, marketing and PR was used to “pull” patients into an unique walk-in centre, set up in response to our market research and supported with targeted education for healthcare professionals and community health educators  to ‘push’ people into the x-ray service  and which addressed  perceived barriers to referring people for chest x-ray.

Evidence to date suggests a change in behaviour among professionals with an exponential increase in chest x-ray referrals.

A higher proportion of people from deprived communities are also accessing walk-in services compared to standard healthcare pathways for chest x-ray referral.

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