Providing the best information and advice to stay safe and legal

Having robust governance controls and processes in place is vital to being able to discharge statutory and legal duties while protecting your reputation as a safe and responsible organisation.

We offer specialised expertise in corporate governance, risk management and incident management, as well as delivering health and safety and complaints and claims management. Our team also offers training and development. 

Our areas of expertise

Risk management


Specialist services (including health and safety, fire, incident reporting and audit)

Corporate governance and legal


How we help

We provide assurance to Boards on the performance management of serious incidents.  Using lean principles and evaluation processes, we have managed a backlog of serious incidents within two large acute provider organisations, setting up corporate systems to bring relevant and timely information to the Board.

Our systems also link up to other commissioning and contracting processes to share information and drive forward improvements.

Boards now have assurance that learning is taking place and clinical practice is changing to improve patient safety.

We are an Accredited Safe Haven

We have met the requirements imposed under section 251 of the NHS Act 2006 to become a stage one Accredited Safe Haven (ASH). The growing list of other organisations so accredited can be found here.

Being an ASH provides a legal basis for CSU staff to receive a range of commissioning data sets from the Data Management Integration Centre (now called the Data Services for Commissioning Regional Office - DSCRO) to be used for specific commissioning purposes. In practical terms, this means that NHS numbers are available to staff in the CSU for analysis and reporting. This improves access to data for CSU business intelligence and other staff.

West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit

West Yorkshire office:
Douglas Mill
Bowling Old Lane
West Yorkshire

Tel: 0845 1115000

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw office:
722 Prince of Wales Road
South Yorkshire
S9 4EU

Tel: 0114 3051000

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