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Engagement in research is high on the political agenda. This is reflected in key Government publications including:

  • the NHS Mandate,
  • Equity and Excellence
  • Liberating the NHS and Life Sciences Strategy.  

Through increased engagement in research we are able to enact the Government vision of promoting efficiency through innovation.

Patient and public involvement in research is of paramount importance as it helps us to demonstrate openness and enriches the research process through inclusion.

We work closely with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Primary Care Research Network (PCRN) who are able to offer both practical and financial support for the delivery of research. Our collaboration with the NIHR PCRN and Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) allows us to deliver the vision of a seamless, synergistic research environment. We are currently working on several grant-funded projects with a number of organisations including local universities. Further details can be found on our reseach development page.

In addition, we have our own dedicated engagement team who are experts in community engagement, deliberative engagement, experience based design as well as other methodologies.  Where research has an equality and diversity impact, our inhouse equality and diversity team are able to provide strategic and practical advice.

Case studies

Bingley Medical Practice

At Bingley Medical Practice we acknowledge that our evidence based clinical practice needs the research initiatives to be able to underpin our work. For this reason we undertook the relevant training for Good Clinical Practice to ensure we can be a Research Ready Practice. We have a research team of a GP lead, nurses, administration and finance staff to support the work. We have a patient list size of about 12,000, and so are privileged to be able to engage many of our patients in the research studies which help themselves, and they also enjoy feeling that they are helping others in the future.

We have been research ready for about three years and are currently involved in about nine projects. Some involve data base searches, and postal surveys, some involve prescribing a medication. The WSYBCSU has been key to being able to engage in the research projects, through helping with training, arranging research meetings for joint learning, and being accessible when problems arise to ensure resolved easily.

Sunnybank Medical Centre

When making the decision to become involved in research and achieve the title of “Research Ready” we as a practice were unsure of what exactly to expect. As such, we worked closely with the CSU to understand the workload including volume and complexity. Throughout they have been very supportive, giving clear guidance and during our early days lots of encouragement to cover new ground and get processes in place. 

So, three years in, what does this mean for the practice? We are a Level 3 practice and to date we have been involved in a wide variety of research projects – some simple ones, and some more complex. Overall, research has had no negative impact on the practice and through a small working group, led by a GP, we evaluate and sign up to appropriate studies as they are presented to us. The important point for us has been the ability to sign up to each one individually and at no point have we been pressured to sign up to any where we felt we had neither the time or expertise to complete. 

It’s good to know that the research work is helping shape future healthcare and you never know, we might be part of the early research that provides a real breakthrough to treatment of conditions, making patients care better and improve their life.

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