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Delivery models

A fresh approach - our blended delivery model

Our blended delivery model is a fresh and unique approach to meet the commissioning needs of our clients.

We draw on the expertise and knowledge of teams across our eleven service areas, together with our broader networks and supply chain, to bring together the right blend of support to form a unique service model and team to deliver a tailored response that best meets our client’s commissioning needs. 

The added value is that this approach means there’s none of the hassle for clients that would be associated with coordinating integrated support and managing handovers and hand offs.

How it works

Our experienced and knowledgeable client relationship managers act as a single point of contact for our clients. They are responsible for bringing together experts from across each of our service areas to work closely with our clients to help understand, scope and test specific commissioning challenges and requirements and agree measurable objectives and required outcomes.

As a result a bespoke model of commissioning support activity is developed that maximises the range of services commissioned by the client through its core service level agreement.

The model has received positive feedback from clients for its innovative approach to working together. 

We are working with one clinical commissioning group (CCG) to review proposed alterations to services.

The project is currently at the planning stage and organisations will be working together to ensure that the blended model enables the delivery of key success criteria. This includes ensuring patients value the new services as well as effective communication with key stakeholders, the public and patients.

Clients have particularly found it very useful to have a single point of contact who liaises with all the experts and pulls resources together at the right stages, saving time and ensuring the communication process runs smoothly. We have also received positive feedback regarding the value of discussing the challenge, key considerations and ‘what success looks like’ with a panel of our senior experts in an open and supportive way.


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