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We have a team of over 600 experts who come from many different backgrounds to offer a wealth of expertise from the public, private and third sector organisations.

Our focus is on delivering exceptional services that add value and help achieve the very best outcomes for you. We know that our success will depend upon our ability to deliver, which is why we have an unrelenting passion for ‘doing it better’ for our clients.

You can meet a selection of our team - and find out some random facts about them - below.

Bob Tuckett
Senior associate

Bob collects ‘RSPCA rejects’. He and his partner are owned by a geriatric 'borderline' collie and two young cats whose mission in life is to destroy the interior of their house.

Nicola Dunford
Finance manager

Nicola can play the piano and has achieved grade eight standard.

Jamie Lumb
Finance officer

Jamie does lots of walks for charity, having completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks twice. He's also looking for volunteers for a midnight walk for charity in September!

Ziad Deker
Finance officer

Ziad has worked for the NHS since 2004 and he loves travelling.

Peter McGoverin
Workforce business support

Peter celebrated New Year 2012 in Nepal, jumping the second highest bungee in the world. During his travels in India, he received a blessing from an elephant in a Hindu temple.

Saj Rahman
Associate - risk

Ngonie Chiligo
Project support

Ngonie loves cooking, baking and reading. She's always looking for excuses to bake and cook so she can improve her culinary skills.

Shilpi Sinha
Associate, business intelligence

Shilpi recently beat off competition from other film boffins to be crowned 'Bollywood Mastermind' on the BBC Asian Network breakfast show.

Amanda Dissanayaka
Associate, communications

Amanda has just taken up a new sporting hobby – she's started playing golf and has got the bug.

Helen Haythorne
Associate, communications

Helen has a MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies and enjoys body combat classes.

Chris Holland
Nurse assessor and case manager

Chris is the captain of his local pub darts team.

Tracey Grindle
Nurse assessor and care manager

Tracey is a real bookworm and was a sporty school pupil – she held the school javelin record years after leaving school. She also represented South Yorkshire playing hockey, as goal keeper, and has the scars to prove it!

Helen Mulholland
Communications and engagement officer

Helen was the South Yorkshire school obstacle race champion, 1987!

Phil Strike
Communications officer

Phil is a former journalist and freelance copywriter who has written for the Sheffield Wildlife Trust.

Kirsty Waknell
Communications and engagement manager

Kirsty owns a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Chevaughn Woodhouse
Corporate support officer

Chevaughn is a self-taught juggler and was presented her degree by Professor Robert Winston in 2002.

Stacey Oldroyd
Customer intelligence analyst

Stacey has a BSC honours degree in Tourism Management. During her studies she travelled to New York where she flew in a helicopter around the Statue of Liberty.

Jane Preece
Retrospective project admin team leader

Jane spent nine months on a kibbutz in Israel and also drove a tractor full of volunteers to work planting and picking fruit in the Negev Desert!

Amy Egginton
CHC nurse assessor

Amy is proud of being a former disabled student ambassador for Sheffield Hallam University.

Michelle Thayre
Finance lead, contracting and business development

Michelle once sang Wonderwall by Oasis to her Maori hosts in New Zealand as part of a ritual to gain entry to their sacred communal meeting house.

Katie Hodgson
Staff side lead

Katie has overcome her fear of being able to breathe underwater and hopes to acquire a diving qualification this year.

Amanda Cook
Senior finance manager

Amanda was once in a show with Michael Praed of 1980's Robin of Sherwood fame. She also once lent Prince Philip a pen and she's learning to play the piano.

Akeel Akhtar
Senior finance manager

Akeel claims to have the patience of a saint and be a great listener by virtue of being the only boy growing up with six sisters!

Stephen Petty
Service desk manager

Chris Hallam
IT officer

Andrea Walker
Business intelligence support

Andrea is German and has lived in the UK for 27 years. She loves reading and poetry and has written around 200 poems.

Susan Johnson
Finance officer

Susan is a 'greatest loser', having lost 5st at Slimming World.

Steve Freedman
Medicines management pharmacist

When he was younger, Steve was a skydiving photographer, a gold-medal winner at the British National Skydiving Championships and a skydiving record breaker who completed over 4,500 skydives!

Louise Lambert
IT project administration

Shehzad Saddiq
Finance manager

Shehzad once did a night time bungee jump off a 70-metre high platform overlooking the Strip in Las Vegas.

Helen Wragg
Business admin support officer

Helen has recently been appointed as Churchwarden at Sheffield Cathedral and is proud to be the first woman in the history of the cathedral to hold this position.

Emma Naylor
Business support to the leadership team

Emma is training for the Tough Mudder obstacle course that bills itself as ‘the toughest one day event on the planet’. And an Only Way Is Essex star also once described her as a ‘salty potato’, which is a compliment in Essex!

Philippa Crane
Customer intelligence officer

Philippa loves fast cars and is an avid Formula One fan. She has driven a Porsche Turbo at over 100mph around the Donnington Park track.

Peter Smith
HR manager and service lead

Peter is a keen cyclist and member of the Rotherham Wheelers, often to be seen suffering on the hills of the Derbyshire peaks.

Kath Glentworth
Management accountant

Kath met Princess Anne whilst serving in the Territorial Army. She has a qualification in dinghy sailing. She can tap dance and has climbed Ben Nevis.

Rebecca Acott
Apprentice business administrator

Rebecca is a carer for her older disabled sister who's 19, and has been helping look after her sister since she was 10.

Afif El Amrani
Database developer

Afif is fluent in five languages: Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, French and English, and he once swam 8km across Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Lucy Abrahams
Customer intelligence support

Lucy has just finished the first year of her Masters in Health and Social Care Leadership and Management.

Heather Roberts
Customer intelligence support

Heather plays netball twice a week. She loves netball and is also considering training to be an umpire.

Aloisia Katsande
Nurse assessor and case manager

Ally volunteers for a charity called PHASE Worldwide that helps remote Himalayan communities in Nepal. Last year, she spent six weeks in one of the villages in Nepal.

Alice O'Connell
Associate expert – transformation team

Alice is the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge after writing into the show at the age of 24.

Dawn Pearson
Senior associate – public and patient engagement and experience

As part of her RNIB background, Dawn once advised Robson Green on how he could portray a blind runner for a TV role. She was also an extra in the drama.

Tina Stanley
Project associate, PMO – transformation team

Tina bakes cupcakes and is well known in our Douglas Mill office for doing so!

Walter O'Neill
Programme manager for integrated care

Walter enjoys repairing and building dry stone walls in the fields around his home, particularly in the spring when the plaintive cry of the curlews calling to their families can be heard across the moors.

Vicky Allonby
Project manager for integrated care

To keep fit, and prepare for running mini-marathons, Vicky still likes to don her tan tights and majorette uniform to complete the baton exercises she learned way back when.

Belinda Perfitt
Associate – education programmes

Belinda has a passion for yoga, can dress a crab and has travelled across Canada by train, Greyhound bus and tiny plane.

James Parkinson
Workforce business support assistant

James is a rock climber and plays the ukulele.

Caroline Storer
Senior associate – knowledge

Caroline has sporting ambitions, as she's hoping to take part in a triathlon later this year.

Tazeem Hanif
HR associate

Tazeem once stood next to Sean Connery at Victoria Station in London while he read a copy of the Scottish Herald!

Anna Lewandowska
HR associate

Anna has two "crazy" beagles called Betty and Abby. She loves photographing friends and family. Anna also loves hiking, especially in the Tatra Mountains.

Amanda Davidson
Acting associate – workforce business support

Amanda has Estonian, Austrian, German and Welsh grandparents and she can recite the alphabet backwards.

Alyson Terry
Workforce business intelligence assistant

Alyson and her partner are learning how to sail a yacht at Conway Bay in Wales.

Joanne Stephenson
Associate – learning and development

Joanne's ambition is to visit every country in the world, so far she has managed 29 of 196, including Spain, China, Russia, Japan and Iceland.

Jennifer Roche
Workforce business support sssistant

Jennifer is a member of an adult tap class, which keeps her fit and is lots of fun.

John Warburton
Senior HR associate

John is an avid traveller and keen on learning about new places to visit or not visit – so much so, he has just been awarded his Senior Reviewer Badge on the UK Trip Advisor website.

Sylvia Agbareh
Programme support

Sylvia is a keen rambler and set up a ramblers’ group that goes on walks around Yorkshire, especially to tie in with world mental health day.

Ferheen Khan
Associate – business intelligence

Ferheen loves Nandos and the colour pink. She has been dubbed the ‘Social Secretary’ of the Business Intelligence team.

Susheel Sharma
Senior associate – business intelligence

Susheel started to play Golf this summer and is enjoying it a lot. He managed to get his first PAR on his second game!

Darren Rushton
Senior associate – business intelligence

Dareen is a keen angler, regularly spending two or three days (and nights) camping at the side of a lake after large carp. The largest carp he's caught to date is over 45lb.

Sarah Mackenzie-Cooper
Senior associate – equality and diversity

Sarah recently completed a 10k midnight walk around Manchester to raise funds for St Anne’s Hospice.

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